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Certification: Paraprofessional Information


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Paraprofessional Information




What is a Educator License with Stipulations?  

It is the license that will be replacing the Teacher Assistant -NCLB (TAS-N) approval.   


How will I be able to get a ELs-Paraprofessional License?  

You can apply online on ELIS for a $100 application fee. Then you will need to send ISBE documents for one of these methods of earning a PELS –Paraprofessional License:

  • an official transcript showing 60 semester credit hours and a high school diploma, or
  • an associate’s (or higher) degree, or
  • ETS Parapro exam.


What if you had your Paraprofessional Approval before JULY 1, 2013?

You need to register in your ELIS account. No fees will due until June 2018. This only applies for people that had the approval BEFORE July 1, 2013.


Do I have to pay for this license?  

You will have to apply online thru your ELIS account ($100).  You will also have to pay a $51.75 registration fee ($10 per year plus $1.75 processing fee).  This will all be done thru your ELIS account with Debit or Credit card ONLY.


When is my registration due?  

You will need to register your license in the ELIS system to be valid.   You must register your ELs – Paraprofessional  or it will  “lapse”. 


Where do I go to register my ELs?

 Log into ELIS  


What if I do not register my ELs – Paraprofessional?  

An unregistered ELs-Paraprofessional License will “lapse” if not registered in 6 months of issuance, and the ISBE penalty at this time is a $150 and registration fee..


Do I have to take classes or CPDUs like teachers do to renew my license?  

There are no professional development requirements for renewal for holders of  ELs-Paraprofessional Licenses.


Do I come to the ROE to renew my license?  

The ROE can assist you, but ISBE has decided that all transactions must be  online in ELIS   Must use a credit card or debt card.

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