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Workshops: Spring 2014 Workshops


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Spring 2014 Workshops

Professional Development Workshops
Spring 2014

Click on ID to get a description and more information about the workshop.
(* denotes graduate credit workshop)

SIP Co-op Members:
Lee/Ogle: Amboy, Byron, Creston, Dixon, Eswood, Kings, Meridian, Paw Paw, Polo, Rochelle Elementary, RTHS, Steward
Whiteside: East Coloma-Nelson, Montmorency, Morrison, Prophetstown-Lyndon-Tampico, River Bend, Rock Falls Elementary, Rock Falls High School

Oregon, LCSEA, OCEC, Erie, Sterling, Bi-County


1/10/2014 2631 PERA Study Group Sessions
1/14/2014 2636 Rising Star for New Users: Session 2
1/21/2014 2637 Understanding and Implementing the PARCC Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual
1/24/2014 2608 ELA Networking Session 3 - Assessing the Literacy Standards
2/4/2014 2635 Rising Star for Current Users (1 Year or More): Session 2
2/5/2014 2633 Next Generation Science for Middle School & High School Teachers (3 Day Series)
2/21/2014 2611 Math Networking Session 3 - Assessing the CCSS Math Standards
2/26/2014 *2643 Teach & Learn with Web 2.0 Tools
2/28/2014 2634 The Danielson Framework for Effective Teaching (Cancelled)
4/25/2014 2647 Area II Tech Summit
4/29/2014 2670 Rising Star for New Users: Session 3
5/2/2014 2612 Common Core Networking Session - The Test of a Good Test
5/5/2014 2669 Rising Star for Current Users (1 Year or More): Session 3


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